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How is tension created in The tell tale hearts and The...

How is tension created in The tell tale hearts and The black cat? In this essay I am going to study the short stories ‘the black cat’ and ‘the tell tale heart’ written by famous writer Edgar Allen Poe and see how tension is created in the two tales. Both tales are written in a gothic horror genre and Poe’s intention for this was to chill and unsettle the reader, to make them anticipate what was going to happen next, as if it was really happening. Poe succeeds in doing this by the content of the tales, partly being the supernatural and the tension he creates, which plays a major role in both. He creates this tension by using several different techniques including plot, characterisation and many stylistic devices. One way†¦show more content†¦The stories are written in first person narrative, which makes the reader feel as though they are in the story, involved personally, and is made to feel what the narrator feels. From the very beginning of the tales the reader gets an idea of what kind of stories they are going to be and may feel uneasy as Poe makes it clear that the narrator is mad. The narrator speaks informally and repeatedly says things that make it obvious he is not sane. Firstly, they start by telling you that they are not mad, no matter what we may think. In ‘The tell tale heart’ Poe writes ‘You fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing’ and in ‘The black cat’, ‘Mad indeed would I be to expect it†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ ‘Yet mad I am not’ this is affective, as it seems as though the narrator doesn’t quite believe it himself, and is trying to convince himself that he is not mad, and will put the reader on edge as they don’t know what to expect from this kind of character. Also, in ‘The black cat’ it says ‘yes, even in this felon’s cell’ which means that he is in jail, awaiting trial and prosecution. This will reinforce the reader’s doubts about the man as it informs them once again that he has done wrong. ‘The black cat’ is the story of the murder of a defenceless animal, which was killed by the person who once loved it more than anything. The cat was the narrators ‘favourite pet and playmate’ he says and he loved having pets, ‘never was so happy as when feeding and caressing them’. So it comes as aShow MoreRelated Edgar Allan Poe Essay1406 Words   |  6 PagesEdgar Allan Poe Essay How does E.A. Poe explore the themes of horror and obsession in his short stories? In Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories the black cat and The Tell Tale Heart, both terrify the reader by making them believe they are the person going through these terrifying tales, as they believe they can hear the heart pound under the floor boards as in The Tell Tale Heart. Or they feel very cocky as showing the police round the basement 2 – 3 times until it all goes wrong, they feelRead MoreThe Black Cat And The Tell Tale3559 Words   |  15 Pagesits consciousness, with the abnormalities of his narrators. I will analyze two of Edgar Allan Poe’s most popular works, â€Å"The Black Cat† and â€Å"The Tell-Tale†, based on the effective use of characters, themes, setting, and literacy devices respectively; furthermore, I will highlight these concepts by comparing and contrasting their significance to each other. In â€Å"The Black Cat†, the use of an unstable narrator highlights the danger of emotions, which further emphasizes the intensity of his crimes. TheRead More Edgar Allan Poe and the American Mind Essay example1854 Words   |  8 Pagesegalitarian regress; and the truth that manifest destiny served as but an imperialist justification, a sort of divine mandate, for the removal and massacre of countless Native Americans. This tension between negative undertone and positive faà §ade, between dark realities and their euphemized reflections, created a critical dissonance in the 19th century American conscience, such that the nation appeared ostensibly promising on the surface, and yet remained ravaged by storms of contradiction underneathRead MoreEssay on The Perverse in the Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe3365 Words   |  14 Pagesthough Christianity had never been invented. (Hoffman 171) Poe did offer to posterity one tale with a moral. Written in 1841 at the dawn of Poes most creative period, Poe delivers to his readers a satirical spoof, a literary Bronx cheer to writers of moralistic fiction, and to critics who expressed disapprobation at finding no discernible moral in his works. The tale Never Bet the Devil Your Head: A Tale with a Moral presents Poes way of staying execution (Poe 487) for his transgressions againstRead More The Genius of Edgar Allan Poe Essay3688 Words   |  15 Pagesin the minds of readers than Poe. Subsequent authors have never been able to improve upon the style which Poe created and mastered. Poes tales have transcended generations of American readers and lasted through many shifts in literary thinking. One of the few things that is as strange and unique as Poes writings is the man himself. Poe created his unique, strange, and unsettling tales by testing the limits of the soul , walking the line between higher understanding and insanity. A Redeemed Childhood Read MoreEnglish Proverbs3961 Words   |  16 PagesSources for proverb study Not to be confused with pro-verb. For other uses, see Proverb (disambiguation). Chinese proverb. It says, Study till old, live till old, and there is still three-tenths studying left to do. Meaning that no matter how old you are, there is still more studying left to do A proverb (from Latin: proverbium) is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. They are oftenRead MoreThe Population Suffers From An Anxiety Disorder Essay11814 Words   |  48 PagesThe only thing that I gained from this experiment was a prolonged bout with anxiety. None of these natural wonders did anything to help my situation. I have heard the stories of promise and of cures, but I can only wonder if these are fabricated tales from employees of the companies reeling you into buying their product. Do not waste your time. These advertisements are false, and the only way to battle your affliction is with prescription medications. I was prescribed Zoloft in September of 2008Read MoreEssay Analysis of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens5944 Words   |  24 Pagesis about to take place and then the scene modifies to another plot. This control of tension – making the audience wait – is a major component of the author’s craft and can be experienced in this chapter. The chapter itself is positioned after Pip encounters the convict. This chapter contrasts with the other and acts as an expositional stage of the book. This links with the authorial style of Dickens and how he builds up certain areas of the novel to prepare for other stages of the book. AsRead MoreRomanticism and Modernism as Strange Bedfellows: A Fresh Look at Jack Kerouacs On the Road12240 Words   |  49 Pagespaper into his typewriter, and for the next 20 days or so, began typing up his â€Å"road† notes from a series of notebooks that documented his travels across the United States and Mexico. These notes were compiled and fictionalized into a bildungsroman tale of two young men who were searching the back roads, tiny hamlets and big cities of post-World War II America. This became the critically acclaimed novel, On the Road. At the center are two young men, Sal Paradise (Kerouac), a college student, andRead MoreANALIZ TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS28843 Words   |  116 Pagesï » ¿TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS The purpose of Text Interpretation and Analysis is a literary and linguistic commentary in which the reader explains what the text reveals under close examination. Any literary work is unique. It is created by the author in accordance with his vision and is permeated with his idea of the world. The reader’s interpretation is also highly individual and depends to a great extent on his knowledge and personal experience. That’s why one cannot lay down a fixed â€Å"model†

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